Curved Glass is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, designed for the production of large glass sizes with complex shapes and multiple and unique solutions.

Curved Glass has more than 15 years of experience working on the most complex and sophisticated products, and in close collaboration with the most renowned architects and design offices, to offer the best performance and applications, thus customizing each glass project.

Today, Curved Glass has real know-how in the search for any kind of solution based on special glasses.

Curved Glass offers, with its bending section, a real answer to construction requirements, which require the supply of glass, with the most sophisticated and complex typologies that the bent glass market can offer today.


Our factory is located in Murcia (Spain) and has several distribution points throughout the Iberian Peninsula

Thanks to the investment in the latest generation machinery we can offer solutions for all kinds of projects.

We can offer bent glass in large dimensions as well as various processed glass products.


Commitment to the environment

In all its consulting and manufacturing processes, CURVED GLASS contributes to the respect of the environment through sustainable construction and seeking the greatest possible energy savings

Commitment to training

The workers that make up our company´s staff receive constant training in process improvement and quality control, to guarantee the excellence of our products.

Commitment to quality

The quality of our products is our priority objective, as well as meeting the requirements of our customers.

Commitment to innovation

Curved Glass does not stop investing in R+D+I in order to find the most innovative solutions